Getting Ready

Sunday, August 13.  Was I really dancing in an international dance festival yesterday?  Already that seems far away.  Suddenly, today, I am feeling anxious about going to Camp Casey.  The anxiety is consciously about the heat and conditions there and the unknown.  I had not been feeling this until we finished the festival and nothing demands my attention between now and when I leave.  As I organize supplies like bug spray, sunscreen from Mary, and such, I feel nervous about what I will experience.  I know, however, more than ever that I want to join with others who are asking for what good cause are we sacrificing the lives of our young people in Iraq, destroying that country’s infrastructure, killing innocent people there, endebting our country so that our grandchildren will be paying for this atrocious invasion and occupation, failing to take care of domestic issues like health care, education, the environment and veterans issues?  And perhaps worst of all, undermining our own freedom and our Constitution? 

The specious terror alert, coming on the heels of the Lieberman defeat and which NBC news reports today was timed by the Bush administration putting pressure on Blair, shows that no holds will be barred in the coming months in efforts to keep Americans afraid and willing to give up freedom for security.

I want to stand with those who are more afraid of what my country has become than of any threat from without.   

Paula called just now saying she is sending a CD with Betsy Rose’s song dedicated to Cindy Sheehan to the Peace House in Crawford so that I can give it to Cindy and leave it there when I come back.  David just called feeling nauseated about so much of the current political situation at home.  He, good lawyer that he is with his gifts for language, said that the Bush administration and its supporters would rather kill Iraqi children than educate American children, kill Iraqi old people than take care of our own, destroy Iraq’s infrastructure than rebuild our own, kill our own young people who are in the military and enrich Halliburton at their expense.   

I am going to stand with those who say this is enough; we must stop.


One Response to “Getting Ready”

  1. jackeppler Says:

    Nancy, this is a wonderful thing that you’re doing for all of us. Texas is great. You’ll love it. Even the sun. I hope you have lovely weather.–Love, Jack

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