Last day before Crawford

August 15, 2006

Thank you, Jack, for the encouraging comment.  I could not be undertaking this venture without the support you have all given me: spiritual, emotional, and material.  I am very grateful and keep you all close.

Please know everyone that this is the last day I will be in email contact.  If you want me to know what you are thinking, please register on this blog and post comments or entries.  That way, George can let me know what you say.  He will be posting news till I get back, so you can see what is happening by checking this blog. 

I have posted two entries on the Bush Co. section.  Those are just my ideas; some of you have better ones.  Please feel free to use the space for reflections and ruminations.  I would love to read them and suspect others would as well.  There are sections on Our Democracy, The Media, and Uncategorized.  George has set up a very useful site for us, so please take advantage of it if you wish.

Yesterday was full of the collective efforts that are behind my being able to go.  Thea, without whom I would not be going, had arranged a delicate back up rendez-vous between her straw hat and me in the event I couldn’t find one.  As you remember, I did find one, on sale at Macy’s, good old Macy’s.  Later, I got an email from Dorothy saying she had ten straw hats!  There it is; if you ever need a straw hat, call on Dorothy.  She also said that her father was from the county in Texas where I will be.  Small world.

Annie has saved the day with one of her zebra gifts.  She knows that I am crazy about zebras.  We have gone to the zoo together to see them, once being escorted to the entry by the NYPD, a story we can tell later.  So, for years now, Annie, aided and abeted by Terry on occasion, finds wonderful zebra stuff.  I didn’t want to pack a pillow, as it takes up so much room, and was wondering how I would manage without, when I realized that the little decorative zebra pillow Annie gave me will serve quite well. 

So, I am about to have everything I am going to have and to be as ready as I am going to be.  Your next news will be from Camp Casey.


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