William F. Buckley and Bush

15 August 2006

Last week on the Huffington Post (there is a link on the right to that news blog), I read the transcript of an interview with William F. Buckely.  (What an example of an educated native speaker of American English!)  You can probably find the text by searching on the Huffingtonpost site in their search window.

Though I can’t imagine Buckley calling for Bush’s impeachment, he made a very strong statement.  He said that if Bush were the head of a European state he would have to resign.  I was rather sorry that he did not call for Bush to resign, but it was still interesting to see his remarks.  He also said that Bush is not surrounded and supported by solid conservatives.

This was a strong criticism of Bush and the neoconservatives and others who support him and have put him in office.  I think it is an indication of how broad a section of the American public is aware of Bush’s inadequacies and of the errors, and I would say the illegal actions, of Bush and others in his administration.

It is time for those of us who value our Constitution, our democracy, our freedoms, to work together to redress the wrongs done to us and to the world in the past six years. 

I for one am going to Camp Casey to make a statement in this matter.


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