Nancy is Safe at Camp Casey

It was an all day trek to Crawford. I got the call I was waiting for from Nancy at 5:30PM, having dropped her off at 5AM at the airport.

Rena in the Peace Bus picked up Nancy at the Waco Airport and took her to Camp Casey where, with some advice from others, she picked a place to pitch her tent that is partly shaded by a pin oak tree. It is a peaceful place.

She met Jerry, who decided after reading about the threatenig acts against the demonstrators last year (memorial crosses being run over by trucks etc) decided to come and stay at Camp Casey and provide security (he lost his home in New Orleans due to Katrina). Jerry helped Nancy set up her tent.

She is surrounded by Peace Memorials. They have cleared the underbrush in the last few weeks and planted crosses and built memorials to those who have died in the war.
There is a Childrens memorial; it is coffin shaped with bicycle wheels and candles all around it, and on it a Peace flag from Italy enscribed with “the force of a Mother is a force for peace” (in Italian)

There is a Veterans for Peace memorial. And several others as well as the many many white crosses.
It’s very hot. It’s not far from there to the Peace House in town. But it is hard to walk in the heat and with the occasional big trucks on the roads. No sidewalk, you walk on the two lane road to town.
It is “ugly Texas” very brown, dead from the sun and heat. Nancy says “I know this place, I’ve been here.”



One Response to “Nancy is Safe at Camp Casey”

  1. allvegetables Says:

    Thank you George for keeping the crew of “Everyone loves Nancy” informed and assured. You ARE a prince and most definitely, a keeper…Please give Nancy our love and tell her i am keeping her safety and mission in blessed vigil in my heart and mind until her return. tl

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