Working Hard In The Heat For Peace

It’s 106 degrees hot in Crawford. The camping is really pretty primitive, but Nancy is coping.

She just rehersed with the guys for her dancing tonight. She said it will be “heartfelt”. She will also lead the group movement part of the ceremony which is done with the crosses.

The code Pink Ladies built a garden there within a matter of hours. They had an openning ceremony today.

Today was dedicated to Lt. Watabe, who is the first officer who is refusing to fight. The verterans and mother’s of veterans are speaking out there support for his position. A mother told of her son who has made several suicide atempts because all he is finding day after day are mothers and children as he goes out on his armed missions.

Lobo is a medic who came down to camp Casey to provide medical assistance to those there coping with the heat. He was a police medic for the police in Chicago. Getting them to drink water. Getting them to into the shade. He and other volunteers are working to keep everyone there healthy.

They are expecting a large influx of people tomorrow. There is a great spirit of volunteerism among everyone there. Nancy is trying to stay out of the heat, but is finding many ways to contribute, including cleaning the bathroom. Willie Nelson donated a generator so there is air conditioning in the main tent.

Nancy spent some time with Mary the film maker from Austin. She produces a television show in Austin. Very earnest, very sincere about making a difference.

People from everywhere in the US. It is very inspiring. There are about 50 people camping there, and more staying in town in motels. There may be more this weekend.

The children’s memorial is covered with the names of the children who died, and a recorded woman’s voice reads the names of the children and when and where they were killed.

Nancy met Cindy Shehan. She is very sick. She is going to the hospital and is having surgery on Wednesday. But then she’s coming right back.

She is meeting many wonderful people. Taking it one day at a time.

She thanks you for making comments or posting. The support is a big help.



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  1. Nancy goes to Crawford » Blog Archive » Lt. Ehren Watada Update Says:

    […] Hi Nancy-     Ehren Watada became very real for us at Camp Casey the night our evening vigil honored our solidarity with him. [See entry on this blog, August 17, 2006 %5D  Now, his family is on a nationwide tour to tell his story, and Sunday they made two appearances in Austin. I wish you could have been there to hear them, and to be with many of our Camp Casey friends. I wrote the story below to tell people about this extraordinary man and his totally supportive family. I hope you get to meet them and hear their presentation.       It is sobering to realize that Lieutenant Watada is facing court martial because he did what he thought was the right thing to do: He educated himself about the situation in Iraq, and he refused deployment!       Participants at the events were as diverse as the people of the peace movement. On a shirt I read: “When Jesus said love your enemies, I’m pretty sure he meant don’t kill them.”  Another shirt was emblazoned with bright letters that spelled out “Haight Ashbury.” Attendees conversed about their lives: One was the wife of a soldier soon to be deployed to Iraq; another was a Fort Hood sergeant on his way back to the Middle East. A speaker quoted President Jimmy Carter: “The complacency of the American people is the problem . . .  not the administration.”   Peace, Patrice ——————————————     […]

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