Morning hello from Paula

Oh, dear, I’m so blog illiterate that I don’t know the difference between a post and a comment (well, I can guess, but….) and I had to get George to post my last post because I had lost my password.  I have been thinking of our discussion about how a person (aka Nancy) can be in an interpersonal environment and even if doing nothing (ostensibly) radiate peace, ease, and love.  This is especially helpful when people are tense, angry, etc.  Then thinking about your saying that the spirit of volunteerism was high and things were heartfelt, I was wondering what the effects are of exuding the same energy when everyone is high spirited.  Probably equally or even more wonderful. I am at home cooking two items from a calendar made and sold by the wonderful cook at the research center I was at last year–chipotle black bean bisque (a soup) and a baked then chilled spiced cauliflower.  Will go dancing tonight and learn the rumba (first time).  Have some info/insights from the physical therapist to share when you return home.  I’m still touched by Willie Nelson’s gesture; I actually learned his music when living in Texas (it was his high point) and still like it.  Once saw him in person outdoors at Princeton, where there is quite a contingent of students from Texas.  I send love, energy, and hopes for our country and gratitude for the work all of you are doing there on behalf of all Americans and all citizens of the world.  Paula 


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