Nancy Dances, Drinks Gateraid, And Works For Peace

It is very hot and dry. There are medics helping to keep Nancy and the others in Crawford healthy by having them drink Cold fresh filtered water and Gateraid. There is good food, soy milk, ice, and the medic keep a close eye on every one there.

Nancy witnessed An interview being filmed by Verta, part of Military Families Speak Out. She is a candidate for a doctorate in socialogy. Her disertation is “The Military in the Peace Movement”.

Activists are focusing on what kind of political action they want to take. Today is Susan Shaw day, who went AWOL. One option is to inform military personell what their options and rights are. This underway.
Camp Casey will be there until Sept 2nd, and Nancy says to tell you that You can come here.

Nancy danced last night. It was very dark. A light on Nancy. Cindy Shehan spoke right before Nancy danced. She danced “Imagine”. She then had people reach for the crosses in a group movement. It was heartfelt and beautiful… There was only a light on Nancy.

The went back to the Peace tent and several Iraqi vets spoke and told very moving stories. Time and time again the stories of orders to kill civilians thinking they were combatants have led these vets to severe emotional stress. Whatever stories you have heard of that place, they are true, and worse than you know.

The VA is not taking care of the wounded vets when they come home. They will not treat post tramatic stress syndrome. And even many physical injuries.

Nancy was very moved by these stories.

Nancy says it is an amazing experience being there and seeing all the things that are being done.

There are a pile of crosses there, and although they try every day, they can’t keep up putting the crosses up so that there is one for everyone who has died is represented. So many have died.

Nancy is really glad that she came, but she will be really glad to come home as well.



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