Nancy is doing the front gate today

Nancy is going to spend a couple of hours doing front gate duty; many people are coming now that its the weekend. She greets people and explains the rules, orients them,

This is a new organization and growing fast. It has moved. It’s making plans for what it will become. They don’t just make plans there, they act on them.
Make the place really habitable whcih people can make their base for protesting the war.
Camp Casey will be a haven for military people who need a place to go
They will be active in anti recruiting

End the war. The first of this year’s actions yesterday. They went to Fort Hood. The message for the peoplle there was that they don’t have to deploy if they don’t want to. That there are people who will help them. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to” They passed out hundreds of leafletts. If the soldiers stop fighting, there will be no war. Almost entirely, as they passed, the were given support.

Carl Rove is going to speak in a hotel in Austin tonight. A contingent is leaving to protest Carl Rove’s speach.

Topic of the vigil last night was sexual harrassment. The group is standing up for gender equality for everybody. They are in solidarity with Suzannee Shaw and won’t rest until her harrassers are brought to justice and she is given and honorable discharge.
Nancy is walking slowly in the shade and praying.



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