Still proud of Nancy and grateful in Palo Alto

I’m taking a break from a 4 hour telephone retreat with my meditation teacher, Shinzen, to post this.  As I think of you there, Nancy, I keep coming back to the heat.  I know how much you hate heat.  I remember when the long hot falls in Dallas almost drove you around the bend.  You are making such a noble sacrifice in that regard.  I am proud and awed and grateful for what you are doing.  I love George’s reports.  How wonderful that a group not explicitly organized around sexism is standing up about that issue.  How wonderful that you are creating a place where soldiers who want to escape can come.  Can’t wait to talk to you in September.  I send love and peace.  Wish I could send coolness.  Paula  PS Told Nancy Folbre, a Texan, about Willie Nelson providing AC for tent. She loved it and mentioned that the popular women rock singers, The Dixie Chicks, have spoken out against this war, taken a lot of crap for it, and put a song about it on their last CD.  Nancy is bringing me the CD to Aspen.


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