Nancy Reports from a motel room

Nancy has checked into a motel room for the day to get away from the heat. She wants you to know about what happend last night supported by a contingent from Camp Casey, including Cindy Shehan. They joined a protest planned by Code Pink.

The Code Pink are a group of ladies, some over 60 years old, many much older who where pink and protest the war and the administration very agressively. They dress all in pink. The “Pink Police” were demanding a “citizens arrest” for Rove and Bush and the whole crew at the hotel. The hotel management and the Austin were very tolerent of the actions of the Code Pink protestors. They were dropping banners from the balconies, then move to somewhere else, and noboby seemed to be able to stop them.

Eventually, when Rove was in the banquet room, they tried keep the protest out of the banquet room. Cindy Shehan tried to push the citizen arrest, there was a run in with the police, and Cindy was bruised and her assistant spent the night in jail. It is on CNN, the AP, and NY Times today. Shown every 30 minutes on CNN.

The camping is very rough. They have been taking very good care of Nancy.
At 6AM they got the remaining crosses up (that had been made) into the ground. At 10AM they had the dedication of the memorial. The service began with the owner of the Peace House property. He is a minister and began with a Muslim prayer. Then there was a woman minister who had them pick up some of the earh from the place in their hand and talk about how this is a sacred place. Then an african-american minister talked about how he wanted bring Jesus here, and that what he was doing is not that different from what they were about; helping people, standing for what was right; for peace. Some people prayer for the people in Iraq, some people prayed for the wounded vets, some people prayed for people who felt alone, for people who hate us in the world, for people who hate. Nancy prayed for people who hated the Pink Ladies, for they are filled with fear. Some people prayed for George Bush. The oldest member of the circle, a Korean War Vet, prayed “blessed are the peacemakers”. Nancy says it was amazing.

A number of people recorded the ceremony and it is on the web, maybe on maybe on

Nancy is going to rest today at the motel and is going to see how she feels, and will see later what she feels well enough to do.



One Response to “Nancy Reports from a motel room”

  1. allvegetables Says:

    nancy ~

    to mirror back something you say all the time “dead, i am no good to anyone.” i am grateful you are taking today to restore your depleted body. i know you are good at listening to your body and what your body needs. i trust you will continue to do so. you have no idea how close i am holding you in thought and prayer since you went to camp casey. i am sending you cool and restorative energy and pray that God is giving you right now exactly what you need today and you have opened your mind and heart to readily receive that which you need and is being given. love, tl

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