when i heal myself, i heal the world

nancy and george ~

i am moved beyond words at the reports you are giving us.  my gratitude for you both runs deep.  you are shining examples of what 2 passionate lovers of truth and justice can create.  your teamwork, whether it is about a tango, building a website, cleaning clutter in an apartment or this trip to camp casey, is inspirational.  and i feel blessed that i get to witness this firsthand.  if it is possible for you both to have this kind of relationship, it is possible for me and the rest of us too.

that other issues such as sexism are being addressed at camp casey isn’t surprising.  one kind of injustice and oppression at the root is like another.  and i believe when i heal myself, i heal the world.

currently, in dealing with personal issues of rage in my life, i have picked up a familar book, Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames by Thich Nhat Hanh.  he writes:

“We have to put into practice the teaching of the Buddha, concerning deep listening and loving speech in order to restore communication and bring happiness to our family, our school, and our community.  Then we can help other people in the world.”

i briefly navigated through the sunday morning tv policital pundit shows which i rarely do.  some popular rhetoric this morning was how our goernment tends to make these huge commitments to foreign governments and regimes without understanding just what we are supporting.  ya’ think?!  talk was about how the new prime minister (or whatever his official title is) in iraq is not as pro-america as orginially thought by our current administration.  to what degree of anti-american sentiment was debated; however, what wasn’t debated was the fact that his cabinet is currently filled with known corrupt folks.

so just what are our troops fighting for in iraq?

with all the acute problems here at home: violence against women, health care, poverty, the horrific state of new orleans still one year later after katrina, etc., the war in iraq has been perhaps a seemingly justified distraction from issues here at home.  and i do believe that our govenment is to a certain extent, a reflection of our country.  i think we the people can get distracted so easily from the task or purpose at hand.  it’s much easier for me to deal with someone else’s issue than any of my own.  i try to live a self-examined life and even with this clear, daily intent, i notice how distracted i can become.  so in times when i feel hit by great waves of grief and dispair about the violence, injustice and poverty i see in the world, i take comfort in Hanh’s words and those like it.

i got word late last week that my insurance company has decided that my doctor who has prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy is wrong and that all i need is 3 weeks, BUT if i want to submit another request for additional PT visits, i can.  case in point – instead of completely focusing on the primary job at hand, healing, i as well as my doctor and therapists must divert our attention and deal with insurance paper work.  another growth opportunity…

my head is swimming with thoughts now.  i will stop and go do my PT exercises.  i choose to focus on hope.  camp casey and all the people who contribute to it is a manifestation of hope.

nancy, you are filled with God’s Light and are radiantly beautiful and healthy and strong.  i am glad you are there and will also be grateful when you come home.

namaste, tl



One Response to “when i heal myself, i heal the world”

  1. nancy Says:


    I am so moved by this. Many thanks for all you are, to me and to the world.


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