Another quick word from Nancy

August 21, 2006 

Thanks, Bob, for support from Canada.  I appreciate knowing that you are there. 

Just heard Ray McGovern and Larry Everest.  Really inspiring and much to reflect on and share later about the neo conservative agenda and how it is unfolding.  It really behooves us to take back our country, because they are determined to have it become what they want. 

Tonight there is a report from the war crimes tribunal at our evening meeting.  McGovern and Everest as well as our own Ann Wright will be leading that.

I went with Patrice to buy groceries while others were distribinting literature and phone numbers to the service women and men at Fort Hood.  I was not up to hours in the heat, so I was glad to be asked to help with groceries.  We bought a lot of vegetables, fruits, and other good things that are turned into the delicious and nutricious meals we have.  Part of the commitment here to our health and well being in these very difficult circumstances is to have good meals.  Not only healthy but delicious.  So, I did help out the effort in a practical way.

Much more later.  Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement. 



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