Nancy Reports from Crawford

Ray McGovern and Larry Everest are doing the work that should have been done by the mainstream press. They have assembled indesputable evidence of impeachable offensenses and/or war crimes by the Bush regime.
Two of the torturers are speaking out about the orders they were given in Iraq. One went AWOL, and is turning himself in so that he can serve his time and be free to speak out. The other is finished with his time in the service and is now speaking out about his experience.
Cindy Sheehan’s fear is that before the election there will be a terrorist event and Bush will declare martial law. She says that with all that with all that we have put up with until now, what make us thing that we won’t put up with martial law.

The level of American apathy and uninvolvement is frightening in the face of this threat.

There is a contract between the US Government and Haliburton for detention centers in the US. To date, no one has found one. But the contract exsists.

Nancy will post more on this tomorrow.



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