Is there change?

August 23, 2006

Someone at the Camp during my stay had been at the press conference Bush held on Monday the 21st.  They said that the reporter from Fox news asked about the failure in Iraq and then when Bush wanted to link the invasion and occupation to September 11, said that those things were not connected!  Someone from Fox news!  Bush responded that there is no connection, but asserted that the invasion and occupation are in America’s interest.  Then, the Fox reporter wanted to know how and that question was not answered.  This is certainly a change, a glimer of hope that the media are finally willing to challenge Bush and his administration.  There is much more to do, but this gives me hope.  Apparently, too, the reporter asked a number of questions and Bush commented on that, as if there were too many.  She replied that he never called on her and she had a lot to ask. 

Incidentally, someone on Huffington Post is analysing Bush’s “semiliterate” notes for the press conference (see the link to that site on the right).  The person who reported on the conference remarked on Bush’s answers being inarticulate. 



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