Fox News!

I heard the press conference Nancy refers to and remember that reporter but didn’t realize he was from Fox.  Bush said something about we had to be in Iraq because of what the terrorists did on 9/11 and the reporter literally interrupted him and said “What does Saddam Hussein have to do with the events of 9/11?”  Bush said something like “Well, no one in this administration has suggested that Saddam ordered the attack on the World Trade Center, but….blah blah blah we thought there were WMD (he conceded there weren’t), and he was giving money to blah blah.”  It was pretty lame.  Paula


One Response to “Fox News!”

  1. nancy Says:


    Yes! Thank you for the report. It is a great moment. I doubt the editorial policy at Fox is going to change, but if the reporters get courageous and speak out regardless, as some did during Katrina, the national dialogue will change.

    Is there something we can do to support this and other reporters?


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