Vast Majority of Us Now Officially ‘Bitter and Angry’

Published on Monday, August 28, 2006 by the Times-Herald Record (Middletown, NY)

by Beth Quinn

Who are these 35 percent of Americans who still approve of Bush’s job performance?

And why do they accuse us Bush critics of being “bitter and angry,” as though our lack of complacency is some sort of character flaw?

Their implication is that being bitter and angry is just so “¦ so “¦ unladylike. Do they imagine we’re all at some 19th-century lawn party? That perhaps we’re throwing an unseemly fit because a croquet ball went off in the wrong direction?

Of course we’re bitter and angry. The majority of Americans are. And if you’re not, I can only ask, what planet are you living on?

In fact, if you aren’t bitter and angry at this dumb, smug president who’s wrecking the country “¦ well, then you’re just not paying attention.

Republicans should be bitter and angry because Bush has subverted all that’s good in the Republican Party ­ fiscal responsibility and smaller government.

Those who want to crush the terrorists should be bitter and angry because Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq has diverted attention, manpower and money from the real fight. Where, exactly, is Osama?

Drivers should be bitter and angry every time they fill up at the gas pump. And if they’re not bitter and angry now, just wait another couple of months when it’s time to turn the furnace on.

New Yorkers should be bitter and angry because ­ lo and behold! ­ it turns out we have no landmarks in town. No Homeland Security funds for us! That money’s going to Indiana and all the other godforsaken states populated by Bush’s Family Values Droids.

Those with soldiers in Iraq should be bitter and angry because Support Our Troops is just a meaningless slogan created by Bush propagandists. As linguist Noam Chomsky points out, no one knows what it means because it doesn’t mean anything.

Meanwhile, Bush keeps sending soldiers into a war already lost so that those who already died haven’t died in vain. What kind of stupid logic is that?

Here’s a bitter and angry slogan for you: A Slogan Can’t Hide a Coffin.

Parents and educators should be bitter and angry because Bush’s No Child Left Behind is just another slogan that doesn’t mean anything ­ as vapid and empty as saying Freedom is on the March.

So here’s another bitter and angry slogan for you: No Slogan Left Behind.

Anyone with a loved one who has diabetes, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s should be bitter and angry at Bush for thwarting stem-cell research.

Senior citizens should be bitter and angry because they’ve been sold a bill of goods with his useless Medicare prescription plan.

Low-income college students should be bitter and angry because they can no longer qualify for government grants if they major in evolutionary biology. Goodbye, Age of Enlightenment!

Those who love this beautiful planet should be bitter and angry because the White House is the only place on Earth where global warming doesn’t exist. Goodbye, Venice. And oops! Goodbye, Florida, too. Venice, at least, will be missed.

Those who value democracy should be bitter and angry as the government takes our freedoms from us, politically correct piece by politically correct piece in the name of another slogan ­ The Patriot Act. No terrorist can take what some Americans so willingly give away as they accept this president’s spying and lying and religious ideology as “the price we pay for democracy.” Giving up democracy for the sake of democracy? That’s lunacy.

So, you bet I’m bitter and angry. And I can only ask, what would it take to make the bitterness and anger unanimous? I can’t imagine, really, because what on earth is left for Bush to screw up?


One Response to “Vast Majority of Us Now Officially ‘Bitter and Angry’”

  1. nancy Says:


    Many thanks for sending this along. I can certainly relate. One thing that is helping me to move forward is taking actions. Going to Camp Casey was a way for me to take action and not to feel helpless. I have come back with some ideas for other constructive things to do. I now feel a little more as though I am part of a solution.


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