Take Our Country Back

Below is the a link to the site of the group that produced a CD of “Songs to Take Our Country Back!”
I am glad that Goerge’s brother John Lilly’s song W is on the disk. I heard John perform it over a year ago. “What does that W stand for? Warmonger, weasel, and just plain wrong.”
This kind of music, which was on everyone’s lips and all the airwaves just a few decades ago, is now being written and performed but only to small groups.
Please consider buying the CD. It is an action you can take and like most of those I have taken, it proves to be fun.
In addition to John’s song, I especially appreciate Ship Gonna Sail, where the performer catalogues a number of horrendous problems that have confronted this country and that people have overcome. He lists the good things that resulted from bad times when people were willing to take direct action, not waiting for anyone else to do for them what they could do themselvs.
Another favortie of mine is The Ballad of Hurrican Katrina, in which responsability is placed squarely on me as an American for that horror. I cannot continue to make “them” responsible for what has happened here in this country. In order to take it back, I must be responsible.
This CD gives me hope.

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