UPJ Marches In Protest Of President Bush War Policy

UPJ Marches In Protest Of President Bush War Policy

September 19, 2006

An estimated 2,000 people from the group United for Peace and Justice marched to the United Nations, rallying against the war in Iraq Tuesday.

They marched up 6th Avenue beginning at 37th Street. At 47th Street, they turned east towards the U.N., ending at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza for a rally.

The main focus of the rally was ending the war in Iraq and bringing back the troops, but they also touched on a number of other issues.

“The Iraq invasion/occupation is eating at the soul of our nation,” said civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson. “We went there on the pretense of an imminent threat to us, which was legitimate, that there were weapons of mass destruction and an al-Qaeda connection to 9/11. That was not the case, so we were lied to.”

“We are going to be losing as many as we lost on 9/11 for a country that wasn’t even involved in 9/11,” said Vietnam veteran Bill Steyert. “So, we are saying, ‘No, enough, stop it. Bring the troops home.'”


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