I am responsible for my visibility.

Sarah Olson:
Marching Against the
Freedom Agenda

We marched yesterday from 37th Street and 6th Avenue to the UN and rallied there.  The link above details the ordeal of making that peaceful, patriotic, democratic event happen in spite of efforts to suppress dissent.

These efforts are often entirely successful and tend to limit dissent at the very least.  In the case of this march, it was hard to attract a really large group because of the timing.

I hear many criticize the US population for apathy and failure to be responsible.  And while that may be true, the policies of the federal and local governments contribute to the current visible lack of dissent. 

As do the practices of the corporate media in this country.  We found little coverage of the march, though what there is George loaded in the two entries before this one.

All the more reason we were glad that filmmaker Ed Haas was there documenting this event.   We are supporting him in the task of creating a film about dissent here and in the more daunting one of getting that film distributed.

More to come on all this.  I for one am not willing to let others determine my visiblilty.  In the words of poet Genevieve Van Cleve whose work I am performing:

“Don’t slow me down with your lack of faith.  Like Jesus, I’m busy.  I’m working on joy and justice.  I stomp my foot like a funky mother Mary singin’ ain’t nobody gonna turn me round.”



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