Common Cause checks in on election fraud

The following is a message from Common Cause on problems with elections.  Thanks to Barbara for forwarding this: 

Six years ago, Americans woke up after Election Day and discovered that they could no longer assume that the vote they cast would be counted accurately, or at all.

This week, here’s what one paper said about the current state of our elections:

Six years after the “hanging chad” presidential election debacle in Florida and four years after Congress passed legislation designed to prevent such disasters from happening again, alarms are once again being raised that these pivotal Congressional elections could be beset by chaos at the polls.1

We are working in Washington, DC, and in states around the country to Get It Straight by 2008 – to make sure we don’t have an election meltdown in our next critical election.  We’ll help pass strong reform measures, fight bad legislation, consult with election officials on best practices, and enlist thousands and thousands of citizens to advocate for an overhaul of our current system.
We’ll be asking you to be active in these efforts.  Right now, your generous donation will help us build and wage an effective campaign.
In Maryland last week, the primary election was beset with problems:
Electronic cards to activate voting machines were not delivered to polling places, delaying opening times and causing many voters to miss the chance to vote at all.2

When the electronic voting machines could not be used, polling places quickly ran out of paper provisional ballots, and some poll workers resorted to giving voters sample ballots or campaign literature to mark their votes.2

Our own IT consultant watched as his wife ‘checked in’ on the new electronic polling book only to have the device crash, be re-booted and then tell her that “She had already voted!”

Poll workers were given cell phones to communicate with elections officials about problems – but some of the poll workers did not know how to use the phones.

This is no way to run a democracy! 


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