Camp Democracy Delivers War Crimes Indictment

Camp Democracy Delivers War Crimes Indictment


One Response to “Camp Democracy Delivers War Crimes Indictment”

  1. nancy Says:

    It is really good that someone from the Justice Department accepted the document.

    While I was at Camp Casey, Ray McGovern, Larry Everest and Ann Wright reported on the work of the War Crimes Commission. They have built up and documented very impressive cases.

    The work they have done, along with that of Congresman John Conyers, who has drawn up and researched a list of twenty-six impeachable offenses against Bush and Cheney, are paving the way for both impeachment of Bush and Cheney and war crimes trials.

    The acceptance of the document by a member of the Justice Department is surely a sign that many of the career professionals there are horrified at what the Bush administration’s appointees, Ashcroft and now Gonales have done.

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