Time to Move Forward to Restore our Democracy

We rallied here on October 5 at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza with the group that then marched to Union Square for another rally.  This group included a number of young people from several area schools and colleges.  Organized by The World Can’t Wait, this demonstration coincided with 200 throughtout the country. 

Since the events of the week before, I felt a special urgency to stand up for our Constitution and our democracy as well as for ending the war and trying to prevent further aggressions in Iran and elsewhere.

Below is a link to a site with photographs, texts of speeches, and complete coverage of this action across the country in 200 cities.  

Notice that this was the launch of a nationwide effort.  There are chapters in Minneapolis, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas/Fort Worth, Nashville, Detroit, Boston, Tucson, British Columbia in Canada, as well as here in New York.  You can probably find one near you by clicking on the site.  On a page about press coverage there is a list of all the places, but you can start one if there is not one near you.  Click on the link below.



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