Rejoicing and Continuing to Work

Patrice writes, “All day, with the weight fallen from my shoulders, weight that has been there since election night of 2000 when the election was STOLEN, I have walked around as in a daze.  Sometimes smiling, sometimes with tears streaming.”

She has the gift for saying just what I experience.  Yes, for the first time in six years, I feel as though this really is the country I thought it was.  It is a time for joy.

But, I cannot rest.  Now that there is hope for action to restore our country, there is much work to be done.  We, good, patriotic Americans, have taken our country back.  It is now up to us to continue to restore it. 

Our sons and daughters are dying today in an illegal and immoral war of aggression.  The laws that are insults to our democracy and our Constitution are still on the books, and the criminals are still in the White House. 

I cannot rest until all the work has been done to return us to the country I love.  We will continue this blog as a place for people to find information and to express opinions.  We will keep moving forward in solidarity with our fellow citizens of good will until we have restored our government, our freedoms and rights, and our place in the world community.

I am beginning with work to impeach Bush and Cheney at a rally in Philadelphia this Saturday.  A link to information about this rally is below.  Join me if you can.  Let’s talk about organizing events with others on the significant dates during December.  We can keep the movement going forward to free us from the tyranny that has been a burden for the last six years.

Click here for information


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