A Short Account of How It Went

In response to my question about how the election went for those for whom this blog is destined, there was no drama of the unpleasant sort reported. 

Mary and her sister in Minnesota voted in their town without incident.

Patrice in Austin says that true blue Austin was the scene of a smooth election as well. 

In New York, Dorothy, George, and Nancy all voted in their accustomed polling places without lines or problems of any sort, as we usually do.  Jo did report that her name was not on the roll, but she was given a paper ballot and affidavit and allowed to vote without a problem.

I presume that the silence of others was due to no problems being encountered.  Two people reported that though they do not usually vote in mid-term elections, they did in this one.  This is the very best kind of news. 

A French journalist, Dominique Dhombres, who wrote in Le Monde about watching the results on American television all night long, said:

Regarder les chaînes d’info, la nuit, lorsqu’un grand pays change d’avis, n’est pas mal non plus.

Généralement, les élections parlementaires à mi-mandat présidentiel ennuient tout le monde. Pas cette fois. Car il s’agissait non seulement de politique étrangère, ce qui est rare, mais aussi de la guerre et de la paix. Les électeurs américains n’ont plus confiance en George Bush pour faire l’une ou l’autre.

It’s not bad to watch news channels all night long when a great country is changing its mind.

Normally mid-term elections bore everyone.  Not this time.  Because it was a matter this time not only of foreign policy, which is unusual, but also of war and peace.  American voters no longer trust George Bush to make either one. 

So, in many ways, it went well.


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