Trial in New York for Cindy and others

Patrice alerted us to this article about Cindy’s court appearance in New York on Tuesday.

Here is another site where the trial is covered as well.



One Response to “Trial in New York for Cindy and others”

  1. nancy Says:

    December 8, 2006

    Here is part of testimony from the trial where Mr. Gottlieb, Cindy’s lawyer is questioning the head of security:

    Then building security officials intervened, he said, and decided to close the building to maintain public safety.

    “These women in pink looked dangerous?” Mr. Gottlieb asked.

    “It sounds like women in pink are innocent,” Mr. Grenell replied. “But I was nervous that day. First of all, they were marching towards the mission. The police were coming. They clearly were happy, and they were not paying attention to anything else.”

    It is a sad day when women in pink who look happy are scary to security men and the police!

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