the rain seems more this year over here,
perhaps, the heavens is crying also

over the wars and rumor of wars
and over the pains, not just those
in the war front, overseas, but also
them at the home front,

of what kind of armor will they have
against weapons of different kind,
since their wounds is not as visible.
of what kind of protection will they have?

them in the frontline, came back whole,
in the body, only, but not in the soul,
of what armor will they have
against the attack of a different order?

as one of the ground truth clips indicates,
one of the soldiers, made it back,
as them who, few decades ago, returned
from Viet Nam, but
have not made it home,

tears flow as i was standing in the rain
in front of the Viet Nam memorial in Oly, Wa
and reading the names of them on the war,
with a Viet Nam Viet, Undrie, perhaps you remember,
skinny guy with long hair, drink quite often.

as we saw on the other side facing the wall, there
was a little memorial for the living, it reads,
next to the flowers for them,

these flowers, are, for them that made it back,
but , has not made it home,

tears, flowing down the cheek with the rain,
i am standing with one who has only
made it back,

O, when, shall he be able to make it home?
i could help but hugged him.

my mind can only imagine what wounds
he might have in his mind and heart
that i can not see, nor understand,

O i wish to have an armor
that i might offer him to
shield him from these attacks,
of a different order,

O the soldiers might all have not just armor of body,
but also shields for their hearts

O i wish that i can make a chinese dumplings
of your like and send a little cheer your way,

perhaps this little attachment will in some way,
be a dumpling for the mind.

may peace be unto you, and yours.


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