More on Thursday’s Events

Several or you are reporting in with events on Thursday.  Out in the Bay area in California, Paula reports seeing a group of people with signs at a stop light visible to people driving home from work.  They were focused on the resisting the troop increase.  Paula remarks that the people were mostly aged forty to seventy, not the youth of the Viet Nam war days.  She also said that she had not known about that action beforehand.

Reva participated in a demonstration at the entrance to a major subway stop in Brooklyn.  She said there were 50 or 60 people, when she had hoped for many more.  They were present and chanting for about an hour from 6:30 to 7:30, getting the going home crowd.  The police were there, she reports, but appeared bored more than anything; no problems.  Reva says that the haste with which the event was announced probably led to small turnout.

Actually, I think getting even that number out in less than 24 hours is good.  Especially when one realizes that there were several more groups like that in other locations around the city: several hundred people were on Times Square at that time, another group about the size of the one Reva was in was on the upper west side.  So there were New Yorkers on the streets on Thursday evening.  That in addition to the larger rally downtown at noon.

I met a man last night who was with a group on Thursday noon on the upper west side.  I don’t know how many groups there were at that time.

We get a picture then, of more people than we think out on the streets in protest of the war, the torture, the attacks on our democracy.  We are making ourselves noticeable. 

On January 27th, a large rally is planned for Washington.  Here is a link to information about it.  Go if you can.


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