Deaths in Iraq Go On Every Day


 Those who died in Iraq from January 14 to January 20, 2007:

Sgt. Gregory Wright   28  Boston, MA
Spc. James Riekena  22 Redmond, WA
Sgt. Paul Sanchez  32 Irving, TX
Spc. Matthew Grimm  21 Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Sgt. John Cooper  29 Ewing, KY
Sgt. Jan Anderson 22 Irvine, CA
Spc. Jason Corbett  23 Casper WY
Spc. Collin Shockmel  19 Richwood, TX
PO. Jennifer Valdivia  27 Cambridge, IL
Spc. William Rechenmacher  24 Jacksonville, FL
Sgt. Russel Borea  38 El Paso, TX
Cpl. Jacob Neal  23 San Marcos, TX
Cpl. Luis Castillo  20 Lawton, MI
Pvt. Allen Haynes  21 Henderson, TX
Sgt. Roger Haller  49 Annapolis, MD
Sgt. Darryl Booker  38 Richmond, VA
Pvt. Shawn Falter  25 Homer, NV
Spc. Bryan Chism  22 Prairieville, LA
Cap. Brian Scott  31 Temecula, CA
Pvt. Jonathan Millican  20 Birmingham, AL
Ltn. Jacob Fritz  25 Falls City, NE
Pvt. Michael Tench  18 Sunderland, UK
Sgt. Darrel Morris  21 Spokane, WA
Sgt. Phiilp McNeill  22 Cincinnati, OH
and 14 other names not yet released

27 were seriously wounded and maimed
90 were returned to war

473 Iraqi sisters and brothers were also killed

We don’t know how many were tortured, but we know that 14,000 persons are held in American concentration camps around the world and that they are tortured. 



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