The Best Memorial I Can Give Molly

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I decided that the best memorial I can give Molly Ivins, who died yesterday afternoon, is to keep doing what I can to stop this terrible, illegal, immoral occupation of Iraq, prevent further aggression by the United States, and restrore our democracy.

To that end, I once again typed the names of US service people who died in Iraq and the number of others killed and maimed, see the post below. I did what I could to help Tina stop the war by telephoning members of Congress, see the post about Tina and Cloy below. This is the best way I know to say that Molly Ivins’ life and work were grand and good and that she is sorely missed.

Here are links to a few articles about her in the unlikely event you haven’t seen any:

John Nichols:
Remembering Molly Ivins

NY Times Link Here


One Response to “The Best Memorial I Can Give Molly”

  1. nancy Says:

    I just heard from Paula that she is making a contribution to the Texas Observer in Molly’s name.

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