The Deaths Go On Until We Stop Them


Those killed in Iraq from January 20 to January 27, 2007:

Major Michael Taylor  40  Little Rock, AR
Col. Paul Kelly  45 Stafford, VA
Col. Brian Allgood  46  Oklahoma
Sgt. Marilyn Gabbard  46 Polk City, IA
Sgt. John Brown  43 Little Rock, AR
Col. David Conegat  50 St.Croix, VI
Sgt. Floyd Lake  43 St. Thomas. VI 
Cpl. Victor Langarica  29 Decatur, GA
Cap. Shawn Lyerly  31 Pflugerville, TX
Sgt. William Warren  48 Little Rock, AR
Sgt. Jonathan Kingman  21 Nankin, OH
Pvt. Ryan Hill  20 Keizer, OR
Sgt. Sean Fennerty  26 Corvalis, OR
Spc. Toby Olsen  28 Manchester, NH
Spc. Jeffrey Bissson  22 Vista, CA
Cpl. Andrew Matus  19 Chetek, WI
Cpl. Emilian Sanchez  20 Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
Spc. Brandon Stout  23 Grand Rapids, MI
Spc. Nicholas Brown  24 Huber Heights, OH
Sgt. Jamie Wilson  34 San Diego, CA
Sgt. Michael Kashkoush  24 Chagrin Falls, OH
Sgt. Gary Johnston  21 Windthorst, TX
Sgt. Michael Wiggins  26 Cleveland, OH
Sgt. Hector Leija  27 Houston, TX
Sgt. Keith Callahan  31 McClure, PA
Pvt. Darrell Shipp  25 San Antonio, TX
Cpl. Mark Kidd  26 Milford, MI
Pvt. Michael Baisley  23 Hayward, CA
Sgt. Alexander Fuller  21 Centerville, MA
Pvt. Nathan Fairlie  21 Candor, NY
Maj. Alan Johnson  44 Yakima, WA
Cpl. Anthony Melia  20 Thousand Oaks, CA
Sgt. Mickel Garrigus  24 Elma, WA

60 were seriously wounded.
103 were returned to occupation.

580+ Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.


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