Grandmothers for Peace


This is a photograph of Diane Baker whom I met at Camp Casey. An ordained minister, she works in hospice care in Texas and she is tireless in bringing peace and justice to this country and the world.

Though very frail as you can see and not well, she was sentenced to sweep the streets of Washington in the freezing weather last week for having had the audacity in the fall of sitting on the steps of a public building.

Cindy Sheehan writes eloquently of her and other grandmothers who have been sentenced to federal prison. There is a link below to Cindy’s remarks.

What struck me most in them was this:

War is peace; hate is love; injustice is justice; indifference is compassion and this country is seriously upside down from over six years of an administration that thinks that good things are happening in a country where their policies have killed almost a million people and a “president” that goes to Wall Street to congratulate the only people who are benefitting from his tax cuts and war for profit.

That is what I experience, our world turned topsy-turvey, our language abused, our laws and Constitution disregarded. For me, this is why we must restore our democracy and begin by holding Bush and Cheney accountable in an impeachment process that lets us begin to set things right.

Here is the link to Cindy’s statement:


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