The death and destruction goes on

Those who died in Iraq from Feb. 18 to Feb. 24:

Cpl Daniel Morris  19  Crimora VA
Cap Todd Siebert  34  Baden PA
Cpl Brian Escalante  25  Dodge City KS
Pvt Kelly Youngblood  19  Mesa AZ
Spc Christopher Boone  34  Georgia
Sgt Matthew Apuan  27  Las Cruces NM
Cpl Blake Howey  20  Glendora CA
Pvt Bret Witteveen  20  Shelby MI
Spc Montrel Mcarn  21  Raeford NC
Sgt Pedro Colon  25  Cicero IL
Pvt Adare Cleveland  19  Anchorage AK
Pvt Matthew Bowe  19  Coraopolis PA
Sgt Shawn Dunkin  25  Columbia SC
Spc Louis Kim  19  West Covina CA
Sgt  Clinton Ahlquist  23  Creede CO
Sgt Richard Ford  40  E Hartford CT
Sgt David Berry  37  Wichita KS
Pvt Rowan Walter  25  Winnetka CA
Pvt Travis Buford  23  Galveston TX
Sgt Joshua Hager  29  Broomfield CO
Spc Ethan Biggers  22  Beaver Creek OH
Sgt Jeremy Barnett  27  Mineral City OH
60 were seriously wounded and maimed.
87 wounded were returned to occupation.

592 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.


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