When will we stop this?


Those who died in Iraq from April 1 to 7:

Sgt Jason Arnette 24 Amelia VA
Pvt Danny Wilson 28 Workington UK
Pvt Miguel Macial III 19 Secaucus NJ
Spc William Bowling 24 Beattyville KY
Sgt Robert McDowell 30 Deer Park TX
Sgt Eric Vick 25 Spring Hope NC
Sgt David Mejias 26 San Juan PR
Pvt Aaron Lincoln 18 Durham UK
Spc Brian Ritzberg 24 New York NY
Sgt Bradley King 28 Marion IN
Cpl Daniel Olsen 20 Eagan MN
Spc Curtis Spivey 25 Chula Vista CA
Pvt Gabriel Figueroa 20 Baldwin PK CA
Sgt Shane Becker 35 Helena MT
Pvt Walter Freeman 20 Lancaster CA
Pvt Derek Gibson 20 Eustis FL
Cpl Joseph Cantrell IV 23 Ashland KY
Sgt Jerry Burge 39 Carriere MS
Pvt James Coon 22 Walnut Creek CA
Pvt Adam Smith 19 Liverpool UK
Cpl Kris O’Neill 27 Catterick UK
Pvt Eleanor Duglosz 19 Southhampton UK
Ltn Joanna Dyer 23 Berlin UK
Sgt Forrest Cauthorn 22 Midlothian VA
Spc Jason Shaffer 28 Derry PA
Cap Anthony Palermo JR 27 Brockton MA
Spc Ryan Dallam 24 Norman OK
Pvt Damian Rodriguez Tucson AZ
Pvt Daniel Fuentes 19 Levittown NY
PO Joseph Schwedler 27 Crystal Falls MI
Pvt Jay Cajimat 20 Lahaina HI
CPO Gregory Billiter 36 Villa Hills KY
PO Curtis Hall 24 Burley ID
PO Joseph McSween 26 Valdosta GA
Cdr Phillip Murphy-Sweet 42 Caldwell ID
Pvt Levi Hoover 23 Midland MI
Pvt Rodney McCandless 21 Camden AR
Cap Jonathan Grassbaugh 25 E Hampstead NH
Spc Ebe Emolo 33 Greensboro NC

90 were seriously wounded and maimed.
72 were returned to kill fields.

392 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed


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