More death in Iraq


Those who died in Iraq from Apr 15 to 21:
Sgt Joshua Schmit  26  Wilmar MN
Sgt Mark Powell  37  South Wales UK
Sgt Mark McLaren  27  Ashington UK
Pvt Steven Walberg  18  Paradise CA
Sgt Mario DeLeon  26  San Francisco CA
Pvt Aaron Genevie  22  Chambersburg PA
Pvt Lucas Starcevich  25  Canton IL
Cpl Daniel Scherry  20  Rocky River OH
Cpl Jesse Delatorre  29  Aurora IL
Ltn Shaun Blue  25  Munster IN
Pvt Richard Langenbrunner  19  Fort Wayne IN
Cpl Michael Rojas  21  Fresno CA
Cpl Wade Oglesby  27  Grand Junction CO
Pvt Jason Morales  20  La Puente CA
Cpl Ben Leaning  24  Scunthorpe UK
Sgt Kristen Turton  28  Grimsby UK
CWO Dwayne Moore  31  Williamsburg VA
Cpl Tomasz Jura  25  Poland
Cpl Jeffrey Bishop  23  Dickson TN
Pvt Christopher North  21  Sarasota FL
Sgt William Bushnell  24  Jasper AR
Pvt Michael Slater  19  Scott Depot WV
Sgt Marlon Harper  34  Baltimore MD

34 were seriously maimed.
85 wounded were returned to kill fields.
738 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.


One Response to “More death in Iraq”

  1. nancy Says:

    Patrice wrote:

    That’s the way I felt the week of April 18 when a Deer Park TX boy was killed. He was 30, named McDowell. I freaked when I first saw the name, but then remembered, my high school friend whose son is about 29 (the age of my older son) and who grew up in Deer Park, has no Mc in front of his name; he is a Dowell. Oh my gosh, when Cindy talks about “skin in the game” that is what she means. She means someone hugged many decades ago, a little child with so much promise, sacrificed, for oil.

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