Report from Palo Alto demonstrations:

I have not participated in a demonstration since a vigil the night after the war started, but felt moved to make my views known today.  A group of about 60 gathered in Palo Alto at the intersection of a highway, El Camino Real, and a street, Embarcadero, with a shopping center on one corner, Palo Alto High School on another, and the perimeter of Stanford on the other two. It started at 5:00 and was going strong when I had to leave a bit after 6:00.  Many of the people were my age (50s), some older, but there were some young parents with their children.   I only saw one person that looked like a Stanford student.  Mostly white, but some Asians and African Americans too.  What was exhilarating was that many, many people honked as they drove by and waved or flashed the peace sign.  (It is a fairly liberal community.) We smiled and waved.  A few people brought pans to clang.  I was concerned that I hadn’t had time to make a sign.  But the organizers (Peninsula Peace and Justice) were organized and had plenty of signs for anyone to use with various messages. They had a little bucket out asking people to contribute to the cost of the signs.  I picked one that simply said to end the war now.  Next to me were two special education teachers.  Didn’t talk to others but felt a kinship with them.  All in all, it felt good to be a citizen trying to change things for what I see as the good.


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