I’m in New Jersey on family business, an opportunity that retirement presents. I’ll be here until mid-August. That should give me opportunity to help finish in 2008 what you started in 2006. (The election of Darcy Burner, D – 8th Congressional District; WA State)
It is certainly more than coincidence that I received your (Darcy’s) email tonight.  I got it when I  returned from New York City after a protest rally against Bush’s War and Veto.  It was a small but enthusiastic group of nice people.  People always bad mouth New Yorkers but I normally find them quite normal and very charming.

Anyway, we marched from Times Square to Union Square, a long walk.  The  normal counter protesters were there, and I made it a point to talk to some of  them.  I find there is less difference than people expect.  I think the key word is Aretha’s RESPECT.
The NYPD was there too.  They did their public safety work, but unlike the SPD and KCPD, they maintained a good rapport with all of the demonstrators.  The difference is the SPD/KCPD seems to use an above everyone stature like and/or confrontational status to deal with rallies.  Too bad the ex-sheriff (Darcy’s opponent) didn’t have  an opportunity to share my experience. Maybe the WTO result may have been better.  (A substantial settlement against the city for Police conduct during the 1999 WTO actions.)


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