When will we end this?


Those who died in Iraq from May 6 to 12:
Sgt Sameer Rateb  22  Absecon NJ
Sgt Virgil Martinez  33  West Valley UT
Spc Robert Dixon  27  Minneapolis MN
Pvt Kevin Thompson  21  Lancaster UK
Cpl Anthony Bradshaw  21  El Paso TX
Sgt Joel Lewis  28  Sandia Park NM
Sgt Jason Harkins  25  Clarkesville GA
Cpl Michael Pursel  19  Clinton UT
Cpl Matthew Alexander  21  Gretna NE
Sgt Vincenzo Romeo  23  Lodi NJ
Sgt Christopher Kiernan  37  Virginia Beach VA
Spc Kyle Little  20  W Boylston MA
Sgt Blake Stephens  25  Pocatello ID
Spc Dan Nguyen  24  Sugarland TX
Cpl Walter O’Haire  20  Lynn MA
Sgt Bradly Conner  41  Coeur d’Alene ID
Pvt Roy Jones III  21  Houston TX
Pvt Anthony Sausto  22  Lake Havasu AZ
Sgt Jason Vaughn  29  Luca MS
Spc Michael Frank  36  Great Falls MT
Maj Douglas Zembiec  34  Albuquerque NM
Pvt William Farrar Jr  20  Redlands CA
Pvt Daniel Courneya  19  Nashville MI
Sgt James Connell Jr  40  Lake City TN
Pvt Christopher Murphy  21  Lynchburg VA
426 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.


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