Criminal symbols

In the post below are a photograph of a memorial to US service men and women who have been killed in Iraq and the most recent list of names of casualties.

I was struck by the memory of what the Reverend Lennox Yearwood, whose photograph at another event is below, said when I was at Camp Casey.


We were gathered at that time at the memorial there, a sea of crosses with an occasional Star of David and one Islamic crescent. It was beastly hot, well over a hundred degrees, Camp Casey is a primitive place where we slept in tents with no running water. The night before one of our number had been arrested and Cindy and her sister Dede had been knocked about and bruised by police though they were engaged in a peaceful demonstration at a hotel where Karl Rove was speaking to Republican funders. The mood was somber.

Reverend Yearwood looked at the sea of crosses and reminded us that the cross was the sign of ignominious criminal execution to begin with. He suggested that the modern equivalent would be an electric chair, or better a gurney and an IV infuser of deadly chemicals. Jesus, of course, transformed that symbol of infamy into something very different, but to the Power of his time, he was a criminal.

Reverend Yearwood also told us that if Jesus were to be here today, he would have been with us there, in the heat and primitive conditions. He would be challenging the injustice and barbarism of the Bush regime and the forces and institutions that support it.

Reverend Yearwood is not a person of words without actions. He has been arrested many times for speaking out and standing up to Power that has run amock and does evil. Like Jesus in his time, Reverend Yearwood is considered a criminal by those in power today.

Below is a link to photographs of brave people who, on Mothers’ Day, 2007, protested in Washington at the White House, the Justice Department, and the Capitol. A group of them, including the Reverend Yearwood, chose to engage in an act of peaceful civil disobedience in order to protest the injustices of the Bush Regime and the failure of the Congress to do what it should to stop the occupation of Iraq and reestablish democracy here. Reverend Yearwood can be seen in the 10th, 13th and 17th photographs. I see other people I met at Camp Casey as well. These are the true patriots. Please click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your browser) to see the work of the Reverend Yearwood and the other heros.


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