Iraq War Veterans Speak Out

These are the words of a veteran of the occupation in Iraq.  I learned to listen to these eyewitnesses of the horrors there when I was at Camp Casey and met a number of them personally.  They know.  They are very wise:

“So let’s cut through the bullshit, we were never there to help the people.  Our first objective was to secure the oil fields in the south of Iraq. We as veterans have a responsibility to tell the truth of what we’ve seen in Iraq and let it be known. Speak about the reality of actually what’s happening on the ground.

The reality that we will never quell the insurgency, they are fighting a foreign military occupation.

We are treating them like shit.

We go and clear an area and they just go somewhere else and when we leave they come back, and this will go on and on until we finally admit that we’re not supposed to be there.

We never should have been there in the first place.  This war was based on lies.

As I like to say, you can’t win a crime, you can only stop it.”

Will you work to stop it?


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