One concrete way to help today

I don’t know if you are aware that the Nation, a great progressive magazine, is being squeezed by large media Corporations.  The FTC is raising postage for small publications and giving discounted rates to large publications. Yes, that is the same FTC who wants to give Clear Channel exclusive ownership of the Nation’s Radio Stations.

With too little money and located in Seattle, at least until the 9/22 Encampment, there is little I can do, except contact you to put this message on your New York
blog and urge recipients to pass it forward.

Despite the efforts of the Bush Administration, the Constitution still says WE THE PEOPLE. Congress aside, I think it is time we start showing them that we are not going to allow a wording change to “We the Large Corporations.” To be honest with you, in spite of their overwhelming control in this country, they don’t know anything
about FORMING A PERFECT UNION. Even an adequate Union requires real people who are interested in more that the corporate requirement of making money at all costs.

Thanks and Peace
Jack Smith
From: The Nation <>
Nation Interns Seek Housing
Dear EmailNation Subscriber,
We’re seeking low-cost housing options in the New York City area starting immediately for some responsible, reliable, well-behaved, charming and tidy Nation interns. They all work full-time for the Nation in our New York City office. Single rooms in houses, apartments or short or long-term house-sitting arrangements would be appropriate and appreciated. Any assistance you could offer would mean a great deal. If you or anyone you know can help, please email


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