Good Source of News

Why do I have to read in the Agence France Presse and not the New York Times that the ACLU is suing the service branches for information about civilian deaths in Iraq?  Since the coup that installed this regime, the US media have been wittingly or unwittingly cooperating with the regime to keep us in the dark at best and deceived at worst.

The Women’s International Perspective’s online journal is a new source of news and comment that I find very refreshing in this climate.  The editors do not fear controversial issues and are invested in bringing truth to light.

The feature article today addresses Darfur and Iraq.  It dares to look at both of those issues together and places them in an international context.  Again and again, articles from around the world engage readers in the thorny issues and controversies that the US media decline to address.  The link below takes you to the W.I.P. journal.


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