General Strike: Getting Ready for November 6

What can we do about the deplorable state of the nation?  We can join the General Strike called for election day, Tuesday, November 6, 2007. 

What this is going to look like for me is:

1) I will not work.  Unlike some people who have a job and are paid even if they do not show up, I do not get paid if I do not show up.  Even so, I will not work and have let the production know I will not be coming in.

2) I will not buy anything with the possible exception of food if I cannot get organized ahead of time to have what I need.  Any food I purchase will be at a locally owned establishment and not at the retail outlet of any corporation.  No Starbucks, no Whole Foods, no corporations will get a penny from me. 

3) I will vote in the morning.

4) I will proceed to Union Square at noon to join with others to sing, read the Constitution, enjoy the company of others who want to save the nation.  We will not give nor listen to speeches.  We will just sing and read the Constitution and talk.  George is bringing a guitar and I will bring a small portable speaker.  If we can, we may bring food to share with anyone who wants it.

5) I will wear a red, white, or blue sweatshirt.

6) I plan to bring a folding chair to sit on. 

7) I plan to bring a camera to make photographs to load here as a record of our day.

I look forward to seeing friends there as well.  Please join us for all or a part of the time. 

Below are links to Naomi Wolf’s article suggesting a way to do this General Strike.

You can scroll down to the post titled House Party, General Strike, October 23rd to find the links to the articles we read.

Till Tuesday, the 6th of November at Union Square.


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