Patrice reports from Camp Casey:

Hi –

We had an incredible weekend in Crawford. Not unexpectedly, the
weather was a powerful factor … not snow like at Easter, nor extreme
heat like the August camps … but rain and cold. Still, it was a warm
gathering, and was well orchestrated by Ann.

The Crawford Peace House opened its doors and hosted some three
dozen people – a group which collectively suggest the image of a
people who will not be kept away, no matter the weather. The house was
just the right size for our peaceful assemblage, with each room
holding conversation groups.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful,with turkey and dressing, lots of veggies, sweets, and more. The washer-dryer served as buffet for the desserts, which gives an idea of how we functioned in the space. It was just perfect. We circled our chairs in the rooms to break bread together. We also had breakfasts there. Thanks to the CPH for being so incredible, and especially to Hadi and Kay.

Over the weekend, several times we talked in a circle, intentionally to envision the future of the Peace House and of Camp Casey. Everyone had excellent input, and a compilation of notes will be sent to Bree, and used for further planning, as we move forward to preserve the history of the movement, and expand our work. Bree had live radio shows all weekend and was not able to come to Crawford this time, butgave reports about what was going on at camp, and called Ann for a live On Air Report.

Bree bought Camp Casey with the intention of making it continue to live, and from the talk this weekend, we know that it will.

Dates for the next camps are being discussed. I am happy to report that the grounds look beautiful. Texas had a lot of rain this past year and it is green, in spite of the cloudy skies we had this weekend. Lela and Carl cut the grass, and with the addition of people, camp can happen. During times this weekend when we were at camp, Friday and Sunday, just as when we are in residence, passing cars drive by slowly to see where the story lives.

That’s all for now. E pluribus unum.

Peace, Patrice



  1. nancy Says:

    How I wish I could have been there with you all. I had heard Lela was going to attend. My memories of her digging in the Code Pink garden in the heat stay with me. I am not surprised she and Carl mowed the grass. I owe so much to Carl and Lobo who helped me when I had a health problem in that heat!

    You did a great thing, Patrice. E pluribus unum indeed.

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