I’m only one hour outside of New Orleans in Baton Rouge and in the shower I’m singing, “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?”

What has been painted on my heart.  This city has been brought to its knees by a hurrican and governmental indifference, incompetence, or plan, whichever you believe.

NO9W_4.jpg  NO9W_3.jpg

I walked on the graves, marked only by the slabs where their homes once were, of my drowned brothers and sisters.  They couldn’t control Mother Nature, but how could their elected leaders turn their collective backs? Ironically, I am about to leave for a journey through Texas, home of the Leader of the Pack.  I’ll not be near Crawford, but the devastation in the Ninth Ward and Bush will be on my mind.  You who know me know that I have just begun to think about my recent observations.  It has been over two years since Katrina.  We all must start thinking.  The indifference, incompetence, or plan reaches to each of us by asso


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