writersstrike.jpgI am honored to have this opportunity to support my brothers and sisters in the Writers Guild during their bold stand against ownership’s effort to destroy the Labor Movement. The struggle is uphill because ownership has been effective in reducing the number of Union members to less than 8% of the private work force. I believe your effort will help reverse this horrid trend toward an end collective bargaining. I know you are standing for your particular causes. At the same time, you stand for undocumented immigrant forced to accept substandard working conditions for fear that they will be subjected to deportation. You stand for the Poor of America working at such companies as Wal-Mart who deny workers a chance for Union Representation. You stand for the teachers of America many of whom have pay rate that forces them to live on Public Assistance to teach our children. You represent the middle class of America who find no opportunity for advancement in their profession. Yes, you even represent the enlightened wealthy who believe that America represents equal opportunities for all people, not just corporation ownership.

I say to you, Writers Guild, “STRIKE ON, you are carrying the flag of most of American Labor Movement and that flag represents the American belief in equality and justice for all people living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In Solidarity,
Jack Smith
New Address- erie1917@gmail.com


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