What People Are Doing Today

Jack sends these reflections as we go to the polls:

“Rita O’Hare with Sinn Fein of Ireland once told me that the important thing to recognize if you want to work political activities is that everyone is entitled to their own political opinion. There is no fault in having a political opinion, the fault, if any can be found, is in not having a political opinion.”

And Paula says this:

“The main thing I’m doing right now given that I haven’t had occasion to go sing with Betsy, other than voting in the primary, is praying to know the right thing to do.  Considering that I don’t really believe that anyone but me hears my prayers, that may sound odd, but it is what I’m doing.  I really am less sure than ever about what would be helpful politically.  On so many things, I think I know a desirable end state but little about what would really move us in that direction.”

The Betsy she mentions is Betsy Rose, a singer and activist with whom Paula demonstrated in Washington in the fall.  You can find the accounts of those events and see photos of Betsy by going to these parts of this blog:





As I promised, I voted today.  I report what may have been just a clerical error, but something I have never witnessed in my precinct before.  A young woman voter who is and always has been registered a Democrat was listed as Republican.  In order to vote today, she must dash off to Adams Street here in Brooklyn and get a court order to change the party affiliation record.  She must get the order and be back here in Carroll Gardens before the poll closes at 9pm.  I hope she makes it.  Had she arrived at the polling place later this evening, there would have been no chance.


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