Bonnie Encourages Action on FISA

Dear Friends,

This is kind of preachy I guess… but I am going to risk sending it out to my network I respect and cherish. I already sent it out to Edwards people on the blogsite who were struggling to get Edwards some delegates for the convention on super tuesday.

And I need to follow my own advice in this blog, keep calling and writing Congress about the FISA bill and other injustices the Republicans and Bush administration are perpetrating in the name of patriotism….

As Senator Sessions defends the corporations on CSpan as I write this, in asserting their innocence simply because they were doing what Bush wanted them to do, even though it was illegal, I think of that old defense of the Nazis about following orders from above and not being ethically and legally responsible for their behavior. The Republicans are calling attention to this matter FRIVOLOUS. Ethical and legal challenges such as this are considered frivolous and unpatriotic according to the Republicans.  And the Democratic senators are nervous they will be stridently branded as unpatriotic by the Republican spin and fog machines!

Time for me to continue to hound Congress by calling and emailing as often as I can and pay attention to what is happening.  I hope you will, too.  I can’t count on mainstream corporate-owned media to bring up these issues since they have conflicts of interest. Boy, working for Edwards really made it clear how manipulative the mainstream media is. All the slights and indifference and inattention to John Edwards was happening so consistently I saw how deliberate it was and how negatively and subliminally influential to viewers. I felt like I was living in that old movie Fahrenheit 451 with the big controlling TV on the wall, spinning out a pseudo reality.

Thanks for listening.  I guess the Senate is now voting on a vote that will give the corporations and Bush what they want in terms of immunity.  I don’t think our presidential candidates are even there for this today.  Oy vey.  So now I email and call (using the toll free switchboard number) members of the House where activists HOPE the fight for justice will continue.

Best, Bonnie


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