Practical and Spiritual Reflections from an Edwards Supporter

and after today….?
2/05/2008 at 9:04 AM EST

Will all this organization and heartfelt commitment fall away…

What happens after the adrenaline high of rallying to assert or at least test out our own and John’s significance to this primary campaign? To communicate our loyalty and our enlightenment to the country about John Edwards’ purpose and vision.

Is the Edwards community willing to go for the marathon run after this intense sprint?  Also to make a pledge for sustained activism, as individuals or as a community, to help America in her present free fall into spiritual, social, economic destruction? 

Will the Congress people ever feel anything close to the weight of the Edwards’ followers’ will as it blazes on right now in this primary? 

Can it translate to other needful targets, or will this collective will soon dilute from cynicism and despair? 

This admittedly noble and stunning rallying.

Can we rally not just for John, but to help save America from the present assault on her … on so many fronts…

Okay, here I go… one more time … about what is happening in the Senate right now.  The issue of previously illegally committed wire-tapping and Bush’s awesomely shameless demand that his actions and the telecom corporations’ be sanctioned.  Be removed from… well… from reality? Why not?  All the rest of it is pretty surreal, Iraq, Katrina, … at least he’s consistent. 

And not only that crazymaking demand for immunity, which may very well be obliged, but a demand for even more unmonitored power to wiretap whomever, whenever, wherever he wants all in the name of super-patriotism to protect this country.

And the senators are convinced the citizens still buy that?  Or are they just too compromised and indebted to those amoral corporations?  Or do the senators even know how NOT to play the political deadlock game? 

Meanwhile, the erosion of the checks and balance system of our government seems pretty well complete by this so deserving of impeachment Bush regime.

When do we say stop?  When do we MAKE them stop?

Louise Hay has an affirmation, “The point of power is always in the PRESENT moment.”

Time to say, “NO!”

Yes, this is one more “fresh hell” from the Bush regime. It numbs the consciousness. That’s the problem. It NUMBS the national consciousness.

You know the story about boiling a frog?  You keep increasing the heat gradually until it doesn’t notice it is being boiled to death.

This is not an irrelevant communication I am trying to assert. IT IS TIMELY.  PAST TIME. AND IT IS SERIOUS AS HELL.

John asked us to stand up to corporations behaving above the law. And above morality. 
He specifically sent an email to us, his supporters, was it a week ago, asking that we fight against the amnesty provision in the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act (FISA) now being addressed in the Senate. 

And the fight is there awaiting us.  NOW.  And soon after, this bill will travel to the House, with Bush and corporations having won the Senate round.  The clock is ticking.  And the FISA bill needs all the help it can get.  And the smug Republican and compromised Democratic senators are counting on the American citizens not forcing the issue.  To be ethically lazy one more time. Talk the talk of indignation, but nowhere near willing or organized to walk the walk. 

Yeah, the primaries are so much in the nation’s imagination right now. But I think I am seeing this incredible focus and power.  And then I look over at the Senate … and it is surreal that this travesty is going on, has been going on so easily. So long.

Three of the presidential candidates didn’t even bother to show up for the discussion and possible vote in the Senate on Monday about this profound and horrifying issue.

Senators campaigning for these candidates also were no shows.

IMHO, that is just not right.

And the heartache and frustration of JRE’s withdrawal and the anger at the callousness of the mainstream media’s treatment of him and us, and the sluggishness of our fellow countrymen to  appreciate the worth and promise of our leader throbs in the hundreds and hundreds of hearts of those of us lucky enough to have been inspired and enjoy John’s vision of an America renewed.

But what happens when all this communal will for the JRE voting is spent?  Can it continue to flow toward the betterment of the country itself?

I wish more than I trust it will.

The 12-step programs speak of addicts joining up having hit a bottom.  Sometimes the individual has to hit what they call a “low” bottom before the desperation drives him or her to seek help. Sometimes it is a “higher” bottom.  The person managed to get off the slippery slope to destruction at an earlier stage.

I fear that our country is hurtling down that slope and our citizens had better work on a sense of URGENCY fast. 

Wonder what will happen by the end of this day.

Wonder what will happen beyond it


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