Why the Democrats Have Not Ended the War

An article in Rolling Stone about the political expediency that we have seen since the 2006 elections is quite revealing.

Reid.jpg Pelosi.jpg Conyers.jpg

Among the disappointing Democrats are Reid, Pelosi, and especially Conyers whom I had counted on. I still have on my desk a letter he sent to me in September of 2006, before the elections. It breaks my heart that he has failed to act courageously. My own congressional representative, Yvette Clarke, is the only Democrat who will get my vote.
I see the voting records of both of the “major” Democratic candidates and I do not believe they will suddenly be different if elected president.

There is the precedent of Thomas Becket who changed once he was archbishop, but such conversions are not likely and I don’t think I can vote on the hopes of one.


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