It is a few minutes past midnight of the first day of Winter Soldier. Scroll down for more information about this event where veterans who have seen and been involved in the war crimes and torture will speak out about it. You can watch the testimony and get information from the IVAW site at:

Next Wednesday, March 19th, there will be a huge protest in Washington. I cannot go myself but we are looking for first hand accounts from those who do.

I will be joining the Grannies for Peace at the Knit In at Times Square in front of the recruiting center.

knitting1.jpg knitting2.jpg knitting1.jpg

The Grannies have been on the front lines protecting our children and the children in Iraq and Afghanistan and the world since the beginning of US aggression against those countries. They protest at recruitment centers all over the country, try to enlist instead of the young people, refuse to move, go to jail, come back. These are among the most patriotic of US citizens.

They have called all knitters to join them in knitting for soldiers with amputations and for Iraqi and Afghani children. I plan to work on a children’s sweater.

Please join us if you can, even if you don’t knit, come out to let the world know you hate this war, you don’t support it, and you want it to end now.


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